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KFL on Tiller verdict

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009


Call To Action

6-member jury finds Tiller not guilty but state Medical Board moves to revoke his license for same charges + fraud!

While it was frustrating that Tiller escaped conviction for 19 misdemeanors this afternoon, he is in MUCH bigger trouble right now. Tiller’s use of one doctor, dependent on him for her entire salary – was a defiant criminal act, and although the jury today didn’t see that, the state Board of Healing Arts-under a new Executive Director, Jack Confer-absolutely described that relationship as “symbiotic” and as clearly banned under the late-term law! They are charging Tiller with 11 counts of fraud, unprofessional conduct and failing to use an independent second referral. The Board has issued the first step in revoking Tiller’s medical license! No need to call yet-we’ll keep you informed. Please pray for all the members of the Board.

Women’s Right to Know & See act signed today

Gov. Sebelius quietly signed the Woman’s Right to Know and See act today, knowing it had passed by veto-proof majorities in the House and Senate. Thank you to those who contacted her, urging her to do the right thing and sign it. This is a wonderful bill insuring a woman can have access to the sonogram of her unborn child and helping stop coercion at abortion clinics. We thank all those who helped it pass, especially the bill author, Rep.Lance Kinzer.

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