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Computer World: Memory stick, or Memory Stick?

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Computer World:

USB flash drive, memory stick, USB memory key, Cruzer, TravelDrive, ThumbDrive, Disgo – they all describe the same thing – the little USB devices that hold gigabytes of data and can fit in your pocket. For the sake of simplicity I’ll be calling them flash drives in this bait.

However, the Memory Stick memory cards are actually called that, and that can lead to a bit of confusion, as I found.

I went into a store the other day to purchase a Memory Stick for my camcorder. Now, this store had them on shelves behind the service counter, alongside the printer ink cartridges and flash drives. The conversation went something like this.

Me: (putting other items on counter) “And can I please have a four gigabyte Memory Stick?” (pointing to where they are on the shelf.)
Sales lady: (turns to the flash drives)
Me: “No, the Memory Sticks. Like the SD cards, only Memory Sticks?”
Sales lady: “Oh. Sorry. It’s just that most people who come in here call them – “(points to the flash drives) ” – memory sticks, and these – ” (holds up the Memory Stick) ” – memory cards.”