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Recent mini-summary at Red County of blogosphere coverage on KOMA

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Red County:

Here is some recent commentary:

  • Kaw and Border:  “JCCC Intimidating Whistleblower Trustee”
    • the JCCC Board of Trustees, where recently-defeated Trustee Ben Hodge has been ripped apart by his fellow board members and Steve Rose, simply for being what amounts to a whistleblower to “absolute power” tactics that often occur when a board is controlled nearly unanimously by one political party — in this case, the Johnson County Oligarchy.
  • All Things Joco, Tracy Thomas
  • Christopher Berger:  “Who Watches the Watchmen?”
    • What particularly disturbs me about this incident, however, is not the possible KOMA violation but the reaction of the officers of the board to it. After a long chain of attempts to silence Hodge, including the board’s attorney Mark Ferguson conducting a sham review of the incident and finding nothing there (though he didn’t bother mentioning his investigation to Hodge) they have now threatened a defamation lawsuit if he doesn’t shut. The suit itself would be specious; to support a claim of defamation, Ferguson would have to be able to prove false the charge of unethical behavior, something which seems absurd on its face, and prove that Hodge’s charges were intentionally and maliciously false. Whatever their problems with Hodge, Calaway’s and VanArsdale’s very public condemnation of his actions under a reasonable interpretation of the law in the face of their own failings leaves one wondering under what rubric they account their behavior in this matter as ethical, and this threatened lawsuit does nothing but further the point with its obvious speciousness.

Tracy Thomas on deer

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

All Things JoCo:  “The bill to kill the deer is dead, but the deer are not!”

Once again, the Johnson County BOCC doesn’t get it! The problem is not the deer, it’s the disease, Lyme Disease or Deer Syphilis. And they have now wasted three MORE months avoiding the problem, by trying to foist the problem and the solution off on the Kansas Legislature. Which is about as lame as thinking Congressman Barney Frank will cure the banking meltdown by screaming at signholders and interrupting both Tim Geitner AND Ben Bernanke in the middle of their testimony.

The problem in Johnson County is we have a deadly epidemic, Lyme Disease, at Shawnee Mission Park, but because it’s also the 40th anniversary of the County’s vaunted Theatre in the Park, they are covering it up. Annabeth Surbaugh and the Six Dwarves refuse to talk about it or treat it. They call it the Deer Problem. That is as lame as Obama calling this recession a short-term budgetary issue that will be reversed by 2010.

And they lie to the public by pretending that culling the deer herd, in 6 months, to half its population, will address the deadly outbreak of a health emergency that is killing our residents, including a teenage girl from Olathe South.

Cutting down the population of tick-infected deer, twice a year, when ticks reproduce 4x a year, is like running a virus program on your computer-twice a year. Well, good luck.