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Editorial: Kansas Congressmen Moran and Tiahrt on NRSC’s involvement in Crist vs. Rubio, the Florida race that many view as a battle over the future of the Republican Party

Monday, July 20th, 2009

On July 7th, we wrote:

Gov. Crist is talking about “less taxes, less government, and more freedom,” but his actions have not demonstrated much passion for those principles.  In early 2009, he energetically campaigned with Obama for the ineffective, wasteful “stimulus” that received no Republican votes in the US House, and only 3 Republican votes in the US Senate (with one of those “Republicans” being now-Democrat Arlen Specter of Pennyslvania).

In late May 2009, Crist broke a no-new-tax pledge that he had made in 2006, prior to becoming governor…

The Crist endorsement is not the only sign of disconnect within the NRSC.  Cornyn failed to predict Arlen Specter’s April 28 defection to the Democratic party.  Former conservative Congressman Pat Toomey had announced a challenge to Specter in the 2010 GOP Senate primary.  In early-to-mid April, Cornyn said, “”My job as head of the NRSC is to guide the GOP back to a majority in the Senate. I can’t do that without Arlen Specter.”  Just weeks later, Specter was a Democrat, and Cornyn was writing a $5,000 check to Toomey’s campaign.

And even after Specter had left the Republican party, long-time Utah Senator and NRSC Vice Chairman Orrin Hatch (also apparently unaware of Specter’s intentions to switch parties) was still talking down Toomey’s chances of winning the general election.

On the Fourth of July, Sen. John Cornyn, who supported the TARP bank bailout program, returned to Texas’ Capital City of Austin for a tea party, and was “was booed at the start and close of his remarks.”

“You’re the problem,” someone yelled…

It’s almost certain that the winner of the 2010 Republican Senate primary between Congressman Jerry Moran and Congressman Todd Tiahrt will then go on to win the general election.  In 2011, one of them will be voting on the leadership at the NRSC.

This week, we will forward this editorial to the respective campaigns of Moran and Tiahrt, and ask them what their feelings are with regard to the current performance of the NRSC under John Cornyn.  In particular:  should the NRSC remain neutral in the Florida primary race between Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio?

The responses:

Moran for Senate campaign:  We spoke on the phone with Jerry Moran’s campaign manager Aaron Trost, who said that First District Congressman Moran will not be getting involved in issues or campaigns that aren’t directly related to his Senate campaign.  For another example of Moran remaining neutral, Trost said that Moran has not yet endorsed (and we presume he won’t endorse) in the very competitive Republican primary race in the First District.

Tiahrt for Senate campaign:  Not only is Tiahrt not commenting, but the Tiahrt campaign, so far, is not returning any attempts at communication.  After two Emails to a Tiahrt field director — one on July 4 and another on July 7 — and one phone message with a live answerer at Tiahrt’s Wichita campaign location last Thursday, July 16, we’ve heard nothing back from Tiahrt.


If MO’s McCaskill and NE’s Johanns can refuse earmarks, Tiahrt and Moran should be able to do the same thing

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Nebraska Senator Mike Johann’s decision to refuse earmarks will greatly increase the pressure on Kansas Congressmen Todd Tiahrt and Jerry Moran to do the same thing.  Currently, their US Senate primary fight is virtually non-issue-based, as both are near-replicas of moderate Republican President President Bush: family men, socially conservative, but not fiscally conservative.

The Republican party, in recent years, has lost in large part because of the party’s hypocrisy on spending.  It’s not yet clear that Tiahrt and Moran know this.

Here’s Club for Growth:

From the Associated Press:

U.S. Sen. Mike Johanns of Nebraska said Thursday he won’t ask for earmarks in this year’s budget, because he’s not confident the system is transparent or based on merit.

Johanns, a freshman Republican, said in a year of unprecedented federal spending, he believes most Nebraskans will support his decision.

In a release to the news media Johanns said, “While I do believe attempts to reform the earmarking process are a start … they have not gone far enough.”

Senator Johanns deserves high praise for this. He is now only the 8th Senator to swear off pork.

Kraske: Tributes pour in for Jack Kemp

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Steve Kraske:

From Kansas Congressman Todd Tiahrt:

“Jack was a friend to Vicki and me, and we will miss him dearly. Jack was a great voice for common-sense conservatism in America both as a public official and as a private citizen. Legislation still bears his name, which is a testament to his effectiveness as a member of Congress.

“He also had a deep faith that he lived out every day. I am honored to have known Jack and worked with him in Washington. He leaves behind a wonderful legacy. Vicki and I will keep Jack’s wife, Joanne, and family in our thoughts and prayers.”

Tiahrt files

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

American Chronicle:

WICHITA-U.S. Congressman Todd Tiahrt (R-Goddard) took the third and final step in making his candidacy for the United States Senate official by filing with the Kansas Secretary of State to have his name placed on the ballot in 2010. Tiahrt announced his candidacy in front of hundreds of Republicans gathered in Topeka in late January. In early February Tiahrt filed official papers with the Federal Election Commission through the Secretary of the Senate. Thursday’s filing is the final step in officially getting Tiahrt’s name placed on the Kansas ballot in 2010.

Klepper — Tiahrt to Parkinson: opposition to coal plants has already cost $4 million in lost job training

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

McClatchy’s David Klepper:

U.S. Rep. Todd Tiahrt wrote to Kansas Lt. (for now) Gov. Mark Parkinson today to voice his support for the two western Kansas coal plants that are again at the center of a state political fight.

He tells Parkinson that the rejection of the plants by Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’ administration has already cost Garden City Community College $4 million in lost job training grants.


Here’s the text of the letter:

March 10, 2009

The Honorable Mark ParkinsonOffice of the Lt. GovernorCapitol, 300 SW 10th Ave., Ste. 212STopeka, KS 66612-1590

Dear Lt. Governor Parkinson:

I write to call your attention to recent developments involving further lost economic opportunities in Western Kansas and ask for your assistance in helping address the situation. As you know, Garden City Community College this month was asked to return a $2 million federal grant that was intended to be used to train workers constructing two electrical generating plants near Holcomb. Because of this, the college also lost out on approximately $2 million in private matching dollars for a total economic loss of $4 million.

Because Governor Sebelius has blocked construction of the power plants, the U.S. Department of Labor is demanding that the $2 million grant for job training be returned. We were aware of the thousands of direct Kansas jobs delayed because of the governor’s actions; now we learn that even our colleges are suffering financial consequences. Our state economy has enough economic challenges without further obstructions that will only delay new jobs and educational opportunities.

As I have previously stated, the clean coal power plants proposed for Western Kansas could be constructed entirely with private dollars and operated by a company from Hays. We must work together toward energy independence using an all-of-the-above approach. Wind, solar, nuclear, geothermal, hydrogen fuel cell, clean coal, petroleum, and biofuels all need to be a part of the solution.

Should circumstances dictate that you become Governor of Kansas, I ask you to permit the electrical generating plants to be constructed in a timely manner. More delays will only lead to higher construction costs, further hardships for Kansans seeking a job, and negative financial consequences to institutions like Garden City Community College.

By permitting the private sector to move forward with construction of the electrical generating plants, you can send a strong message that Kansas is open for business. Jobs will be created, state revenue will increase, and educational institutions like Garden City Community College will be able to play an expanded role helping educate workers.

Thank you for your attention to this critical energy, jobs, and now educational issue facing our state.

Best regards,

Todd Tiahrt

Member of Congress

Legislative update from Todd Tiahrt

Friday, March 20th, 2009

A recent legislative update from Congressman Todd Tiahrt:

U.S. Capitol Update
March 9, 2009

Dear Friend,

Welcome to this weeks U.S. Capitol Update.

Freezing Federal Spending Levels
The unemployment numbers released last week (8.1 percent nationally) only confirm what American families across the country have been experiencing. Far too many workers are out of a job, and it is the responsibility of this Congress to find solutions that help get people back to work. There are tools available that would immediately offer incentives for businesses to hire workers, invest in capital, increase exports, and boost sales.

Unfortunately, Democrats in Washington are content to grow the size of the federal government instead of helping businesses create high-paying, high-quality jobs for American workers. (more…)

KSAL: Moran, Brownback, and Claeys All Win Kansas Republican Straw Poll

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

KSAL covers StayRedKansas straw poll:

According to Stay Red Kansas, Claeys earned 61.7% of the vote compared to 38.3% for Kris Kobach. Claeys is a Salina native and former president of a national trade association. He is also a former reporter for KSAL radio. Kobach is a professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Claeys arrives in El Salvador Tuesday to serve as an international elections observer for the presidential elections there on Sunday. Claeys is a certified international elections observer, running for the office that oversees Kansas elections.

In the Senate Race, Jerry Moran Defeated Todd Tiahrt 64.3% to 35.7%. In the Governor’s Race Sam Brownback defeated Ron Thornburgh 62.3% to 37.7%.