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CWA Kansas – Urgent Vote Coming Up Tomorrow, DISCLOSE Act (H.R. 5175)

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

From CWA’s Director of Legislation and Public Policy . . .

Tomorrow, June 17, the House will be voting on the DISCLOSE Act (H.R. 5175). This legislation is designed to undermine the Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizens United case and thus stifle Americans’ legitimate right to political speech. The bill increases bureaucratic regulations, which will punish small business owners and grassroots groups. It places onerous regulations on campaign activity, which will all but eliminate grassroots advocacy.

The bill hinders groups from being able to communicate our members’ concerns about public policy. This is not a left/ right concern since it targets all speech by all organizations except unions.

However certain organizations, like the National Rifle Association, are exempted from these burdensome disclosure requirements, which allows them to be heard while muzzling all others and trampling their First Amendment rights.

Please call your Representative today at 202-225-3121 and urge him/her to oppose the DISCLOSE Act.

Shari Rendall

Director of Legislation and Public Policy

Concerned Women for America

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Washington D.C. 20005

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