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Editorial — How often does McClatchy read inmates’ mail? Probably not very often, and these attempts at sensationalizing article on abortion, Roeder are signs of bias.

Monday, July 6th, 2009


The same Associated Press article, printed in two papers.  Both are owned by the same company, McClatchy.  Two very different headlines.  And not much to report.

Here is The Kansas City Star’s headline about Scott Roeder, who is charged with murdering Wichita late-term abortionist George Tiller:  “Roeder mailings say killings justified.”

It’s difficult to out-abortion The Kansas City Star, which recently won a “Maggie” Award from Planned Parenthood (named after Margaret Sanger, the early 20th-century supporter of abortion and eugenics, and founder of Planned Parenthood).

But with its July 3 headline for the same AP article The Wichita Eagle one-ups The Star:  “Tiller shooting suspect writing to abortion foes from jail.”

It’s not until — count them — SEVEN paragraphs into the article that one reads, “No one has accused Roeder of breaking any laws because of his jailhouse correspondence.” (more…)