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Gov. Sarah Palin endorses in Indiana US Senate primary – conservative Richard Mourdock over 36-year incumbent Richard Lugar

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

From Palin’s Facebook page:

I join commonsense conservatives in endorsing Richard Mourdock to be the next Senator from Indiana. Conservatives of all stripes are uniting behind Richard Mourdock. It’s not just Indiana that benefits from sending the right Senator to serve for the right reasons; the nation as a whole benefits, and that is one reason why the eyes of so many around the nation are focused on the Indiana race.

Indiana deserves a conservative in the Senate who will fight for the Hoosier State, uphold our Constitution, and not just go along to get along with the vested interests of the permanent political class in D.C.

Richard Mourdock is the conservative choice for Indiana. Senator Lugar’s 36 years of service as a Senator are appreciated, but it’s time for the torch to pass to conservative leadership in Washington that promises to rein in government spending now.

Get the facts here. Learn more about Richard Mourdock at and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

- Sarah Palin

Kay Hutchinson mocks Palin: ‘bad career move’ says Redstate

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Lone Star Times reports that U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s website has posted a copy of a Texarkana Gazette editorial mocking Gov. Rick Perry for having received Sarah Palin’s endorsement:

Palin has a certain cachet among conservatives. … But Lord, have mercy, she is an outsider with an opinion about Texas politics and government. And she sounds like the Yankee she is, if we use the definition that Yankees come from north of the Red River.

If Perry relies too heavily on Palin, he may find himself with a lot of time to watch Russians from her front porch come January 2011.

The Hutchison people erred in putting such a poorly-conceived and ill-informed hit piece on their site. Calling Palin an “outsider” and a “yankee” is just myopic provincialism at best, and the digs at Palin, who is governor of a state which, like Texas, has a strong libertarian streak is risky. Texans and Alaskans both pride themselves on their spirit of rugged individualism, and slamming Palin in a state where conservatives admire and respect her isn’t the smartest of moves for KBH’s proto-campaign for governor to take.

The Campaign To Bankrupt The Palin Family

Monday, March 30th, 2009

From just September till now, Sarah Palin has accumulated a personal dept of over $500,000 in legal fees defending herself against fake/false/frivolous ethics charges. That’s Five Hundred Thousand Dollars.

A group of Alaska liberals, with the apparent cooperation of members of the Alaska Democratic Party have been filing ethics charge after ethics charge against Sarah Palin. The aim? Not to get her impeached and booted from office, because every single one of the charges are frivolous, baseless and even fairly deranged – one was even filed in the name of a soap opera character – but something far more personal.

These people want to bankrupt the Palins and leave them destitute. They want to empty their bank accounts so that they cannot afford the basics and necessities of life after Governor Palin leaves office.

US News writer: Palin dumb

Thursday, March 19th, 2009


A recent post on Sarah Palin by U.S. News blogger Bonnie Erbe claims: “Sarah Palin May Not Be Dumb, but She’s Not Smart.” It was written in response to her colleague Robert Schlesinger, whose own Palin post began, “I don’t think Sarah Palin is dumb, but I do wonder how ready to work she is.”

I wonder how ready to work Bonnie Erbe is, because I find her lack of intellectual honesty… disturbing. For example, Erbe claims that she wants to be “fair.” But her contention that Gov. Palin is not smart is shot down by her own colleague Schlesinger, who quotes no less an intellect than economics professor and former McCain policy director Douglas Holtz-Eakin, who expressed his opinion that the governor is smart.

Sarah Palin: The case for drilling in ANWR

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Op-Ed last month by Palin:

I AM DISMAYED THAT LEGISLATION HAS AGAIN BEEN INTRODUCED in Congress to prohibit forever oil and gas development in the most promising unexplored petroleum province in North America — the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, in Alaska.

Let’s not forget: Only six months ago, oil was selling for nearly $150 per barrel, while Americans were paying $4 a gallon and more for gasoline. And today, there is potential for prices to rebound as OPEC asserts its market power and as Russia disrupts needed natural gas to Europe for the second time in three years.