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Letter of support for candidate Rob Wasinger, First Congressional District

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

The following letter is from Jim McVay of Great Bend, KS:

My name is Jim McVay, and I hail from Great Bend.  In the capacity of Finance Chair, I have joined the Leadership Team to elect Rob Wasinger to Congress, and here’s why.  I support Rob because, now more than ever, we need strong conservative values in our nation’s capital.  The principles that made America the greatest economic power and the freest people on earth are endangered by those who hold a political philosophy that gives all power to the government rather than to the people.

The lesson of history, taught to all of us at great cost over the last century, is that bloated government inevitably becomes more tyrannical as it reaches into every facet of our lives.  The modern Democratic Party has refused to heed these lessons, and presses on creating an increasingly intrusive government that wantonly redistributes wealth and aims to control how we live.

It’s time to fight these forces, and Rob Wasinger will do just that.  Our party and our nation lack a strong, conservative elected voice, one that will lead the people and articulate the virtues of liberty and free enterprise, hard work, personal responsibility and self-reliance.  Rob can be that voice, and because I believe he will be that voice, I am happy to announce my endorsement of Rob Wasinger for Congress.

I hope you’ll join us at

Louis Sheldon Endorses Tim Huelskamp

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

From Tim Huelskamp:

National Pro-Family Leader Rev.
Louis Sheldon Endorses Tim Huelskamp March 6, 2009

“This is a crucial time for our nation, and we need leaders who have a clear record we can count on…and Tim Huelskamp is such a leader.”

National Conservative Leader Rev. Louis Sheldon, Chairman of the influential Traditional Values Coalition, announced his endorsement of Senator Tim Huelskamp for Congress…

“I am proud to officially announce my personal endorsement of State Senator Tim Huelskamp for Congress in Kansas’ first district. (more…)