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Op-Ed, Benjamin Hodge on Kansas 3rd District: Because Kevin Yoder supports federal funding of human cloning research, I can’t support him in the Republican primary.

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Hodge at Red County:

In summary: Don’t endorse Kevin Yoder in the Republican primary, and then be expected to be considered pro-life.

I’ve been told by a person close to influential Republican Ernie Straub that, of the current field of candidates, Straub is leaning towards supporting Kevin Yoder. ┬áThat points to a larger problem within Kansas Republican politics, in part because Kansans for Life leader Mary Kay Culp is thought to listen closely to Straub. ┬áKevin Yoder supports the use of federal tax dollars for medical research that clones and destroys human embryos — that’s not pro-life, and it’s not even pro-choice. (more…)