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Breaking: JCCC receives an education from Kansas City Star on KOMA

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

After learning of the broad interpretation of the Kansas Open Meetings Act used by Johnson County Community College and its lawyers at Lathrop and Gage, the editorial board of The Kansas City Star this afternoon faxed a letter to the college administration and Board of Trustees explaining what The Star views as the intent of KOMA.


Voice for Liberty: In Wichita, let’s disclose everything. I mean everything.

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

A good post from

In an Wichita Eagle Editorial Blog post, Rhonda Holman calls for more disclosure for groups that send mailings that “dodge campaign finance disclosure law by deftly telling people how to vote without using the words ‘vote for’ or ‘vote against.’” (Treat campaign ads the same)

A few points:

Holman’s target is quite selective. As shown in my post On the Wichita Eagle Editorial Board, Partisanship Reigns from right before last election day, she’s willing to overlook the Eagle’s own political contributions and the use of taxpayer money to fund election campaigns when she agrees with the causes.

And, why the need for a law when, as Holman writes “Kansans aren’t fooled by the ads and mailings”?