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Editorial: Jerry Moran gives conservatives seven reasons to support Todd Tiahrt

Friday, July 24th, 2009

On Thursday, First District Congressman Jerry Moran lost considerable ground in his race against Fourth District Congressman Todd Tiahrt for the Republican nomination to the US Senate.

Sixty to seventy percent of Kansas Republican voters are conservative, and Moran must perform well among these voters if he hopes to replace Senator Sam Brownback in the Senate.  Moran made that much more difficult yesterday by announcing the endorsement of seven Johnson County mayors:

Overland Park Mayor Carl Gerlach, Lenexa Mayor Mike Boehm, Leawood Mayor Peggy Dunn, Olathe Mayor Mike Copeland, Shawnee Mayor Jeff Meyers, Prairie Village Mayor Ron Shaffer and Mission Mayor Laura McConwell offered a joint statement endorsing Moran’s candidacy.

The Moran campaign’s press release added, “This endorsement gives Moran a strong boost in a key battleground county.”

No, it does the opposite.  This endorsement causes Republicans to pause and to wonder whether Jerry Moran will support reform, or will instead support more of the same “big-government Republicanism” that, since 2005, has led the GOP into an unnecessarily small minority in Congress.

Most of these mayors are quite liberal, and the rest lack the courage to support a freedom-based agenda, one that results in less government and lower taxes, rather than more.   (more…)