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Powerline calls Peter Wehner’s midget-baseball reference to Newsweek’s “hiring” of Stephen Colbert, the decline of American journalism: “Analogy of the year”

Friday, June 5th, 2009


Newsweek has selected comedian Steven Colbert to be the “guest editor” of its next edition. Peter Wehner writes:

For those who lament the state of American journalism as having become increasingly unserious, tendentious, and willing to blur important lines, this will become one more data point for them to cite. It is the journalist equivalent of the publicity stunt by St. Louis Browns’s owner Bill Veeck, who made Eddie Gaedel, who popped out of a cake between a double-header, the first midget to participate in a Major League Baseball game.

Colbert as Eddie Gaedel, excellent. Newsweek as the St. Louis Browns, perfect.

Recent message from Pat Toomey at Club for Growth

Friday, March 6th, 2009

From fundraising letter from Pat Toomey:

Talk about nerve. Barack Obama has been president for only a month and already the liberals are declaring victory.

In a cover story last week, the left-leaning New Republic declared, “CONSERVATISM IS DEAD.” And Newsweek magazine joined in, boldly declaring on its front cover: “WE ARE ALL SOCIALISTS NOW.”

EXCUSE ME?!?!?!?

Since when does Newsweek speak for all Americans? Maybe the liberal pundits at Newsweek and the New Republic have given up on our country, but here at the Club for Growth, we have not thrown in the towel yet. Somebody better put the liberals on notice: At the Club for Growth, we are vowing to fight this attack on Capitalism with every bone in our body. (more…)