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Editorial – Amazon’s Web information company ranks in top 75,000 of US sites

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

(From our Email May 16, 2011.)

We’re pleased to report that’s Web Information Company,, has ranked at 72,636 among US Web sites.

To be clear,’s methods are not scientific (best results would be obtained from large numbers of private owners voluntarily releasing internal information, something that is difficult to achieve).  Results should be considered as estimates.  Nonetheless, we are pleased with the results.

Number 1 is the best rank.  In comparison, The Johnson County Sun’sWeb Site ( is ranked at #115,727.  The Gardner News is ranked at #296,213., owned by Hearne Christopher (who reportedly had the #1 column in The Kansas City Star before being hit by the frequent budget cuts at the leftist Kansas City Star), is ranked at #384,061 in the United States. (more…)

Workers union: NY Times ‘ruined’ Boston Globe

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Boston Globe:

There’s a mutinous mood on Morrissey Boulevard, as Boston Globe staffers lash out over a stunning ultimatum from parent company The New York Times [NYT] Co.

“They’re nickel-and-diming people,” said a Globe union official who spoke on condition of anonymity, adding that top executives at The New York Times Co., which owns the Globe, “have ruined” the sagging broadsheet.

On Thursday, Times executives told representatives from the Boston paper’s 13 unions that they must trim $20 million from their budgets by May 1 or the Times would shut the paper down.