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Editorial: The tax money that goes to managing @KCMOschools should be returned to the taxpayers

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

The Kansas City, MO, government-run school district is on Twitter.  At this time, “@KCMOSchools” currently has 122 followers.

The purpose of Twitter is to spread news that is positive or interesting; there is no such news to report from the self-described buildings of public education in Kansas City, MO.  Whatever money that is being spent to employ even one government employee to intentionally manage this Twitter account, should immediately be cut from the budget and returned to the taxpayers.

The Kansas City 33 School District — “Where Achievement is the Standard” — is among the worst in the world.  The only task at which its leaders excel is the ongoing oppression of the tens of thousands of lower- and middle-income children, most of them most black or Hispanic, whose parents cannot afford to live elsewhere.  School leaders could ensure a higher-quality education to the children by providing parents with a voucher worth merely 1/5 of the $11-15,000 that is received every year, per student, but that would be a selfless act, something that these leaders are apparently incapable of doing.

Also cheering on these very non-public schools are the highly me-focused leaders of the various local Chambers of Commerce, whose memberships are dominated by liberals and government employees.  Nearly every one of these Chamber leaders live in Johnson County, where the schools, while wasteful with money, provide a more acceptable quality of education.

We’ve learned this week that the New York City Public Schools, according to the Associated Press, pays 700 teachers to do nothing, at a cost of $65 million a year.  Similarly, KCMO 33 surely wastes untold tens or hundreds of millions per year.  While it’s doubtful that much tax money is directed toward Twitter — this can be a small step in the correct direction.