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Op-Ed, Benjamin Hodge on Kansas 3rd District: Because Kevin Yoder supports federal funding of human cloning research, I can’t support him in the Republican primary.

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Hodge at Red County:

In summary: Don’t endorse Kevin Yoder in the Republican primary, and then be expected to be considered pro-life.

I’ve been told by a person close to influential Republican Ernie Straub that, of the current field of candidates, Straub is leaning towards supporting Kevin Yoder.  That points to a larger problem within Kansas Republican politics, in part because Kansans for Life leader Mary Kay Culp is thought to listen closely to Straub.  Kevin Yoder supports the use of federal tax dollars for medical research that clones and destroys human embryos — that’s not pro-life, and it’s not even pro-choice. (more…)

KFL Press Release on Planned Parenthood case before the state Supreme Court

Monday, May 18th, 2009

May 13, 2009


Attirubute to Mary Kay Culp, KFL Executive Director, 913-406-4446 or

PP calls Prosecution “Political” while truly “Political”Interference
by Supreme Court and A.G.  is on Full Display

“Oral arguments before the Kansas Supreme Court today provided yet another act in the theater of the absurd. That this high Court has again interfered in the prosecution of illegal abortions is outrageous, but all too expected in a state where abortion political funding destoyed Phill Kline, elevated Kathleen Sebelius, and secured this arrogant Supreme Court.

“This case against Planned Parenthood ought to be simple– but because it deals with abortion, all the ordinary legal rules change. (more…)