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Peterjohn asks the tough questions in Wichita

Friday, March 6th, 2009


The county will put up almost $200,000 for the program, which was already figured into this year’s budget. The city will contribute the same amount. Supporters say its money will go a long way to ending chronic homelessness in the Wichita area.

County commissioners heard high praises for Housing First. The program will provide apartments to the homeless. By the end of the year, 64 people could be off the streets and in permanent homes.


“We could keep doing what we’ve always done, and let that population grow and affect the downtown and our society or we could try these new models, I think they are going to work,” said Commissioner Tim Norton.

But not everyone agreed. Commissioner Karl Peterjohn voted against funding because the program does not require addiction treatment or offer medical help for mental illness.

“My experience as an economist that if you provide incentives, and you provide negative incentives for misbehavior or improper behavior, you will get more of it,” said Peterjohn.