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Analysis: Possible opening for John Toplikar for County Chair. Poll shows Ed Eilert crushing Annabeth Surbaugh among Republicans. But most want a more conservative candidate.

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Benjamin Hodge writes at Red County about a recent Kansans for Government Reform poll:

On June 9, I wrote about a survey in Johnson County and in the 4th Congressional District, performed by my political action committee on June 4, 5, and 6.  As part of that same survey, we asked questions about the upcoming August 3 primary for Chair of the County Government.  At the time of our survey, only two candidates were in the race, incumbent Chairwoman Annabeth Surbaugh and County Commissioner Ed Eilert.

Since the survey, there are two additional candidates who have filed.  Former County Commissioner and State Representative John Toplikar filed on Tuesday, June 8.  Former County Commissioner and Shawnee City Councilman John Segale filed Thursday, June 10.

Here are the results of our poll.  Questions were asked only to likely Republican primary voters.  Voters registered as “Republican” in Johnson County who voted in either 2004, or 2006, or 2008 equal 85,129 voters, or about 71.2% of all primary voters.  All primary voters in Johnson County, in either 2004, or 2006, or 2008 equal 119,637 voters. (more…)