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Legislative update from Senator Mary Pilcher Cook

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

From State Senator Mary Pilcher Cook:

There is so much legislation that happens in the course of one week, it is difficult to keep you informed.  I’ll touch on a few things here, but please don’t hesitate to go to my website on the Legislative Reports page and look at the latest summaries.

Both the House and Senate have now passed a comprehensive energy plan in the Senate Substitute for HB 2014 bill.  The House passed the energy measure first, then the Senate added some amendments to the bill, so the legislation is now on its way back to the House.  The House has the option to concur with the Senate amendments, or ask for a conference committee to negotiate some finer points about the legislation.  The conference committee would be composed of three House members and three Senate members.

What does it contain?  Lots of good things.

What’s even better is what it doesn’t contain.  There are no taxes or cap and trade regulations which would vastly increase the cost of doing business in our state. (more…)