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Op-Ed, “Two years of Obamacare and ‘We’re still trying to find out what’s in it.’” – John Vinci at Americans for Limited Government

Monday, March 26th, 2012

From NetRightDaily:

By John Vinci — Today is the second anniversary of the passage of Obamacare. And by our count there are now over one hundred Obamacare regulatory implementation documents that span over 10,000 pages and contain nearly 2.5 million words.[1] You’d think that 2.5 million words would be enough to tell us exactly how Obamacare will work and operate.

Not so, says Governor Gary Herbert of Utah.

We still don’t know

Utah was proud of the market-based healthcare reforms it had made prior to Obamacare. It was one of two states to have implemented an insurance exchange before Obamacare.

But now Utah is working hard to figure out how their reforms will work within the context of Obamacare.

Last fall, Gov. Herbert’s administration sent a 58-page document to the Obama Administration outlining questions that Utah still has about how Obamacare will be implemented at the state level. Herbert said that even the Obama Administration’s newly released 1,039 pages of regulations within the prior week, “still don’t answer the questions we’ve been asking.”[2] (more…)