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Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran vote for middle & upper class tax hike without reading bill

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013


Obama’s political victory: Getting the GOP to break its tax pledge is “One of the most consequential policy achievements of the last couple of decades.”

Breitbart: “a 41:1 ratio of tax increases to spending cuts.”

Tax increase for 77% of Americans.

Senate roll call vote.  89 vote yes, 8 vote no.

CNS News:  “Senators Got 154-Page ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Bill 3 Minutes Before Voting on It” 

All Kansas US House members vote “no.”

Sen. Rand Paul votes no: “The deal will do absolutely nothing to save this country.”

Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet (CO) votes “no” - “because the deal did not have meaningful deficit reduction.”

Video, Charles Krauthammer: The House Has Been “Neutered” By Obama

Corporate subsidies in bill – algae, movie studios - Tim Carney at The W ashington Examiner.

Paul Ryan votes “yes.”  Erick Erickson:  “…he’s not really a leader. He’s more a follower of leaders.”



Osama Bin Laden dead. News round-up.

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Wall Street Journal - Osama Bin Laden Is Dead

ABC - Osama bin Laden Killed; ID Confirmed by DNA Testing

AP - Sources: Al-Qaida head bin Laden dead

Politico - Osama bin Laden killed

Erick Erickson – Congratulations to the United States military and intelligence community for a job well done

Fox News - Usama bin Laden Is Dead, Sources Say

CNN - Osama bin Laden, the face of terror, killed in Pakistan

MarketWatch - Laden killed near Islamabad, according to a report

LA Times - CIA operation kills Osama bin Laden in Pakistan

Reuters - Factbox: Who was Osama bin Laden?

BBC – Osama Bin Laden is dead

The Hill – Osama bin Laden is dead

CQ Politics on Erick Erickson’s Redstate: Conservatives Bash Cornyn, Threaten to Withhold Donations to NRSC, GOP

Thursday, May 28th, 2009


For Cornyn, the calculus was simple math: Crist is a proven statewide vote-getter who can raise money on his own.

Since the endorsement, Cornyn has touted polling showing the better-known Crist with a 53 percent to 18 percent lead and said he would decide “on a case-by-case basis” which Senate primary contests to get involved in. (more…)