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Olathe Rep. Mike Kiegerl’s end-of-session report for Topeka legislative session: ‘The most difficult session in my 5-year tenure’

Monday, May 18th, 2009

From Mike Kiegerl:

After a contentious fight over SB 51, the annexation bill that both chambers passed, the Kansas legislature adjourned Friday morning until the Sine Die session June 4th. We started Thursday 9 am and ended 2:37 am Friday. I got home at 4:30 am and I’m still recovering from the marathon session but I wanted to get my thoughts to you while their still fresh in my tired brain.

This was the most difficult session in my 5 year tenure and, according to old timers, the most difficult ever. Overshadowed by the deep recession and consequent sharp declines in revenue, the budget for fiscal 2009 had to be completely revised and a workable budget for fiscal 2010, which begins July 1, needed to be finished before the 90 day span allocated for each annual session. At times it seemed an impossible task made more complicated by a Governor whose attention was focused on national office and not the needs of the state. Sadly, her contribution to the budgets was limited by what she did not want and there were no practical solutions offered. Therefore the 2009 budget is essentially the version of the House while the 2010 budget is entirely the work product of the Senate. (more…)

Annexation: Wayne Godsey lobbies for American Dream

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Wayne Godsey editorial:

If you live in rural areas of Johnson, Sedgwick or Shawnee counties, you might want to encourage your Kansas state senator to support a bill that will regulate the annexation of your land.

We supported such restrictions last year when Overland Park, Kan., was attempting to annex 15 square miles of land without a vote of landowners. In the end, the city took about half the land.The bill has already passed the Kansas House. If the Senate passes a similar bill, landowners would get to vote on whether they are annexed. The bill also requires cities to be accountable for the municipal improvement promises made to annexed areas. If officials fail to deliver on such promises, landowners could sue.