Heavily engaged voters in Wisconsin – 1 in 5 has donated to candidates, 1 in 6 goes to a rally

Wisconsin Journal Sentinel:

Those are far bigger numbers than Americans on the whole have reported in recent election surveys. In 2000, only one in 20 Americans said they attended a political rally. In the historic, high-turnout 2008 election, about one in 11 did.

The Marquette poll also illustrates how political participation in Wisconsin has varied across party, age, gender and other lines.

The most moderate voters have been the least engaged – less likely than liberals or conservatives to make political donations, post political signs, try to influence the way other people vote or discuss politics with their friends and family, according to the survey, taken April 26-29.

Older voters have been much more likely than younger voters to donate to campaigns. Younger voters have been more likely than older voters to attend rallies.

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