Overland Park city government in controversy over favoritism on taxpayer-funded youth soccer fields – KC Star

The Star:

Instead, Overland Park officials struck a deal with the Blue Valley Soccer Club before the complex opened in 2009, giving the club a monopoly over most of the practice fields.

The verbal agreement allowed Blue Valley rights to nine of the 12 soccer fields for practice during the week, leaving about 20 clubs and their teams to fight over the remaining three fields.

In addition, Blue Valley gets a discount rate…

And once a team gets a practice time, it’s forever, said Mike LaPlante, the soccer complex manager, unless, of course, the team decides it no longer wants to practice there. That means Blue Valley will have the nine fields indefinitely…

Blue Valley doesn’t always use its nine fields, several coaches said. But if a team tries to use one of the empty fields, they are told to leave.


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