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Kansas Rep. John Rubin – Sam Brownback is helping ObamaCare in Kansas through $135 million Accenture contract

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Topeka Capital-Journal:

Rep. John Rubin, a Shawnee Republican, said he met with Brownback in an effort to convince the governor the state should have nothing to do with computer system changes that played into mandates for health insurance reform crafted by Democrats.

“The darn thing is unconstitutional,” Rubin told a Statehouse gathering of about 10 House and Senate Republicans. “Why would we take steps in Kansas to implement anything?”

The state entered into a five-year contract with Accenture calling for expenditure of $85 million for technology acquisition and implementation of the database and $50 million to operate and maintain the system.

Meanwhile, Accenture agreed in September to pay $63 million to settle a suit tied to a scandal involving acceptance of kickbacks after recommending certain hardware and software to the federal government. The U.S. Department of Justice also accused Accenture of fraudulently increasing prices and rigging bids on government contracts.

“My concern is this contract with Accenture, which, in my opinion, is an illegal contract,” said Rep. Trent LeDoux, a Holton Republican.

Peter Suderman, – Kathleen Sebelius Would Like You to Believe That ObamaCare Is Responsible For Health Care Cost Savings

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Sebelius highlights two of the law’s insurance regulations: a medical loss ratio (MLR) rule that requires insurers spend at least 80 percent of premium revenue on clinical services and a rate-review provision which gives her agency the power to deem health insurance rate hikes “unreasonable.” These two regulations, which substantially increase the federal government’s power and discretion over the entire health insurance market, are “putting consumers back in charge.” (Maybe she meant bureaucrats rather than consumers?)

You’ll notice, however, that there’s something missing from the op-ed: any mention of actual health insurance premium prices.