Tim Huelskamp – I did not support creating this Super Committee or raising the debt limit

Dear Friend:

Back in August, I voted against the deficit ‘deal’ which raised our debt ceiling to $15 trillion. Instead of tackling Washington’s spending problem, the ‘deal’ struck by President Obama and Congress formed an elite “Super Committee” to secretly meet and write legislation. Instead of passing a solution, Washington passed the buck onto an elite, secretive, bipartisan group of Beltway Insiders.


You did not send me to Washington to abdicate my responsibilities to a 12-member Super Committee. A Super Committee that will just barely skim the fat off the top of the problem.


I did not support creating this Super Committee or raising the debt limit when asked to do so back in August. And, I am not too fond of the way its business is being conducted now that it is trying to come up with the $1.2 trillion in cuts it has been assigned to do. So much of the Super Committee’s business has been conducted behind closed doors. Members of Congress who will be asked to vote on the Committee’s recommendations have little to no insight as to what is going on with the Super Committee.


And, now we are learning that the Super Committee may supersede their duties and write a farm bill.


What other massive policy changes do they plan on? We don’t know because their deliberations are shrouded in secrecy—though apparently K Street lobbyists know what’s going on before Members of Congress do.


Democrats—led by Barack Obama—have been working too hard over the past three years to expand government’s reach into our lives. They have no intention to willingly give any of that ground back.


They gave us Obamacare. Obama appointed people to the EPA, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Health and Human Services (HHS) who share his radical views about the scope and purpose of government.


EPA is putting out massive amounts of regulation on manufacturing, farms and every other type of business. The idea is to take choking “greenhouse gases” out of the air. But instead of doing that, they are choking any chance to get away from this weak economy. Hundreds of thousands of jobs are lost every month, and EPA regulations play a major role.


The FCC wants to restrict your freedom of speech. They are just about to implement new regulations on the Internet to give Obama and his ilk control over the Internet just like the Fairness Doctrine did to radio until Ronald Reagan stopped it in the 1980’s.


And HHS—led by former Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius—is poised to steal your medical records breaching doctor/patient privacy. She is working to implement an aggressive array of regulations under Obamacare which will radically transform American healthcare.


I just can’t use the word ‘radical’ enough to describe what’s happening in Washington. But we knew Barack Obama was a radical even before he was elected. And in the previous two years, he had control of Washington to pursue his extreme agenda unchecked.


The good news is that we have put a stop to part of the massive Obama expansion since 2010. But I am not yet convinced Republicans fully understand what’s at stake here.


After ten months where we never threatened to shut down the government, will we have the will to reverse Obama’s left-wing, progressive agenda? The Republican Study Committee, led by my friend and Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, has led the charge in the House to make that case.


Now we need all of you to do what you did so well last year; elect a new round of free-market, conservative House Members and Senators to give us conservative control of both houses of Congress.


And even with all this bad news, I am encouraged by the determination of the American people to hold their government accountable. And if you continue that determination, I believe we can free the American people to take our country back and turn it onto the proper course of freedom and prosperity.


Recent years have shown that government just makes a mess of things. But the United States remains a great country because of her people – and despite her current crop of radical leaders in the White House and Senate.


Serving you in Liberty,

Tim Huelskamp

Tim Huelskamp


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