Greater KC Young Republicans host Jack Cashill – At the Levee on Thursday, October 27

Please join us Thursday, October 27 at 6:30 pm for our October Meeting with Jack Cashill.

The Levee, 43rd and Main Streets, KCMO


In the last decade, writer and producer Jack Cashill has had eight of his books published, seven of those non-fiction, three of those best-sellers. His most recent book, Deconstructing Obama: The Life, Loves, and Letters of America’s First Postmodern President, is now in bookstores.

Jack is a willing and able public speaker and speech writer. To verify, please see any of the five book presentations he has done on C-SPAN’s Book TV. They are all accessible online.


In the last fifteen years Jack has written and produced a score of documentaries for cable networks and PBS stations, most recently, No Shortcuts: The Entrepreneurial Life of Henry Bloch.


Before moving into non-fiction and documentary production, Jack worked full time in advertising, a field for which he still has a fondness. He has created thousands of ads in every conceivable media.


Jack retains his interest in challenging communications and marketing projects that have to be done at a very high level often under the pressures of time. Some examples:


Nearly ten years ago, Jack helped the new publishers of Ingram’s, a Midwestern business magazine, establish themselves. He still contracts with this highly successful enterprise as “executive editor.”


In 2007, Jack was called in to edit Come On People , a book project that almost collapsed due to the difficulty of fusing the voices of comedian Bill Cosby and psychiatrist Alvin Poussaint. The book went on to become a critical success and international best-seller.


In 1997, Jack was called in to write and direct The Holocaust Through Our Own Eyes for the Midwest Center on Holocaust Education, the award-winning documentary that had proved too sensitive for the original production team.


In 1998, Jack was called in to rescue the high-end, 100th anniversary book of the engineering firm, Burns & McDonnell, after the original writer had proved not quite up to the task.


In 2008, Jack was asked to help a big city Democratic mayor write his initial “State of the City” address and to coach him on his delivery. In that same year, Jack was asked to do media training for Republican gubernatorial, congressional and state senate candidates.


In 2010, Jack did debate prep for U.S. Senate and Congressional candidates.


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