Shawnee – City issues burn ban

The State of Kansas is experiencing dry conditions to vegetation that can be considered combustible and hazardous. Because of these conditions, the City of Shawnee Fire Department is banning all outdoor burning effective immediately regardless if a permit has been issued.

Burn permit holders may contact the Fire Department at 631-1080 to make arrangements to use permits once the ban has been lifted. The Fire Department will continue to monitor the weather conditions and will resume the issuance of burn permits as soon as safe burning weather conditions will allow.


The Fire Department would like to warn all citizens about discarding smoking materials along roadways into grassy areas or allowing vehicles to run while parked in grassy areas as these can both ignite fires. Residents should also carefully monitor charcoal or other grills to make sure these controlled fires are contained. Simple precautions can help prevent fires from occurring within our community and keep everyone safe.


For more information please contact: Acting Fire Chief John Mattox, (913) 631-1080

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