Kansas Congressman Tim Huelskamp – Stand up to Obama and his do nothing plan

President Obama just doesn’t get it.

Tonight the President will present his “jobs plan” (yes another one) to Congress and I fear it will be more of his same mantra of tax, spend, regulate, borrow, and bail out that have put us in this mess. President Obama apparently wants to spend $400 billion more and pay for it by raising taxes on hard working Americans – or simply borrowing it from the Chinese.

The President’s plan is once again an expansion of government and does nothing to end the overspending and roll back the regulation – but it will jeopardize Social Security and Medicare and add hundreds of billions of dollars to our massive national debt.

It’s no wonder the World Economic Forum recently dropped America to 5th place in the world in it’s ranking of the world’s competitive economies. They recognize that our massive deficit spending and liberal economic policies are not sustainable and that President Obama is ill equipped to deal with the problem he has created.

I need you to stand with me today. Your contribution of $100, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford will help me stand up to President Obama and tell him that we need to end the overspending and roll back the regulation.

As I travel around the Big First District, I continually heard from constituents that what we need is for Washington to get out of the way so that employers can create jobs. Kansans get it. Congress needs to roll back burdensome regulations and the uncertainties they place upon our economy and create an environment where businesses can hire workers.

I appreciate your past support and hope that you will continue to stand with me as we fight this battle for our nation’s financial future.

Best regards,

Congressman Tim Huelskamp

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