FairTaxKC – Congressman Todd Akin is the guest speaker at Meeting April 21st

The Regular FairTaxKC Meeting will be held on Thursday, April 21, 2011
Career Education System

Ward Parkway Shopping Center

8600 Ward Parkway, Suite 130
Kansas City, MO 64114

Check in and food service begins at 6:30 pm

Congressman Todd Akin begins the program at 7:00 pm

The meeting is open to the public.

In cooperation with the Kansas City Area Tea Parties

Guest speaker, Congressman Todd Akin, has indicated he may seek the Missouri Senate seat held by Claire McCaskill when she is up for re-election in 2012.

Senators may represent states but their votes affect all of us across the nation. There is no clearer example of this than Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill who’s partisian “rubber stamp” votes for the big government agenda has worsened the fiscal crisis we now face in America. The entrenched politicians do not want real tax reform. They must have the Income Tax system with its “Favor Factory” in order to keep the big government agenda alive and well.

Missouri Congressman Todd Akin is considering a run at replacing Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill in 2012 and he will be the featured guest at our regular meeting Thursday April 21, 2011. Congressman Akin was a Fair Tax Co-sponsor in the 111th Congress and is once again a co-sponsor in the 112th.
He may be like Senator Jerry Moran in Kansas who believes major tax reform is to elimnate the Income Tax and fund the government with a consumption tax. Removing a tax and spend Senator and replacing her with a smaller government, co-sponsor of Senate Bill S13 would be a major shift in the balance of power in Washington D.C.
Bring a friend and join FairTaxKC and Kansas City area Tea Partiers for what promises to be an energizing event with Congressman Todd Akin.

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