Tenth Amendment Center – The Nullify Now! Tour with Tom Woods, Help bring it to Kansas City

Tenth Amendment Center and WeRefuse Present:


The Nullify Now! Tour is sweeping the country!

Do you want to know how to stop the Federal Government dead
in its tracks? Then help bring the Nullify Now! tour featuring Tom Woods as keynote speaker, to the Kansas City area.
You will learn how we can roll back Obamacare, Cap
and Trade, and other unconstitutional expansions of federal
power through nullification, the Jeffersonian solution to an out-of-control Federal government.


-Why the Founding Fathers believed that nullification was the
moderate middle ground, not the road to secession.

-Why the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution gives the states the
power to nullify unconstitutional laws. Why states, not the Supreme
Court, should arbitrate disputes between the states and the federal
government over the constitutionality of the federal government’s

Here is the pledge site for the tour:

We need to raise the funds now to bring this tour to Kansas City. It takes a minimum of 60 days after the funds are raised to set up the tour, so if we want this to happen soon, please pledge your support today. When you make a pledge at The Point, your credit card is not charged until the total funding goal is reached.

Here are some helpful websites for background and information:

The national sponsor of the tour:

Information about the tour:

The author of the book Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century
Tom Woods will be the keynote speaker at this event.

Any questions?
Please email Assistant Coordinator of the Tenth Amendment Center-Kansas
Vicky Coletti at: vcoletti@yahoo.com

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