Cashill Newsletter: Timely reminders for Book-TV Sunday, March 13th

One, set your clock one hour forward tomorrow morning.

Later on, watch (or record) Jack Cashill’s “Deconstructing Obama” presentation this Sunday at at 10:00 AM (EST).  It will be on Book-TV on the C-SPAN 2 channel.

Best to you and yours,

Mod – Cashill Newsletter

And more unsolicited reviews of “Deconstructing Obama” keep coming in . . .

“Thank YOU for your magnificent book and everything you’re writing. I’m reading whole excerpts out loud to my husband. Just too too excellent!”

Joan Swirsky



” ‘Elementary my dear Watson.’  Like a great sleuth you have peeled back the curtain to reveal the real Obama fom the Manchurian Candidate. Your book reads at the pace of a novel but sets a new standard in analysis based on facts. One of the best read in years. Thank you.”

D Gambogi
Dunlap, IL

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