Op-Ed, Bill Sutton – The Hits Just Keep Coming

Proud Catholic voters,

Even as the pro-underage sex trafficking crowd is conducting a judicial PR stunt by attempting to invent rules that they can then claim that Phill Kline didn’t obey, our legislators have been hard at work. HB 2035 (Abortion Reporting Accuracy & Parental Rights Act) and 2218 (Pain-capable Unborn Child Protection Act) both passed by huge margins. Things are looking pretty good for them in the Senate, as well. This should keep the fiasco that Phill Kline is being assaulted for trying to end from ever happening again…at least until pro-aborts can find new ways to not enforce the law. Special thanks to Lance Kinzer for authoring both of these bills. He’s awesome.

Speaking of awesome, for those of you who notice that Mile Kiegerl didn’t vote for these bills, don’t worry. rep. Kiegerl had a stroke while in committee last week. By the grace of God, Terri Lois Gregory was next to him at the time. She’s worked with him for years and immediately noticed a change in his speech. What could very possibly have been a very serious problem, became only a mostly serious problem with the lightning fast medical care he received. Mike is doing well, still steering his committee via cell phone and laptop. The people of the 43rd, everyone who loves Mike, owe Rep. Gregory a tremendous debt. Anyway, Mike didn’t vote for these bills, because it was already obvious that they would pass widely. He said that if he thought they were going to be close, his saintly wife would have wheeled him onto the floor to cast his vote.

On the Phill Kline front, the ethics hearing has been going on for several days now, and we’ve learned some very important things…except what rules Phill supposedly broke. In fact, we’ve learned that the Disciplinary Review Board’s own investigators report stated that there was no probable cause to pursue any misconduct allegations. Of course that report was ignored and hidden amongst 21,000 pages of documentation…in Eric Rucker’s file! Let it be known that Stan Hazlett never let a little thing like reality get in the way of his political axe-grinding.

We’ve also learned that Planned Parenthood and George Tiller performed abortions on 166 girls age 14 or younger during 2002-2003. Understand that a 14-year old can’t have consensual sex…it’s called rape, and medical practitioners are required by law to report any such case to law enforcement. How many did these “medical practitioners” report? Two. TWO!

Of course, it’s possible that every one of these girls were having sexual relations with their boyfriends of the same age, so that legal charges might never have been filed. The point is, we’ll never know, because it was never investigated! Thank you, George Tiller and PP for doing such a bang up job protecting women. I never want to hear that line from the pro-abort crowd again. How many of those girls were sent home to pedophile “boyfriends”? How many to abusive households? How many to pimps involved in underage sex trade? Tiller and Planned Parenthood don’t care, so long as the check clears.

Another disturbing bit of news from the hearing. It seems that some mail was sent to Phill Kline at the JoCo DA’s office after he had moved to Virginia. That mail was opened by Steve Howe, identified as Phill’s case journal, and forwarded…to the Disciplinary Review Board! Why? Actually, a couple of whys. Why did Steve Howe open mail addressed to someone else? Why did he send it to the board and not to its rightful owner? Oh, and why would the board show the OPENED package at the hearing, showing everyone in the world that U.S. mail had been opened by an unauthorized person?

Are they stupid, or just wholly unconcerned about any law, so long as they can get revenge for the heinous crime of investigating the state run abortion syndicate? Hint: I don’t think Stan Hazlett is stupid.

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