Editorial – Take a look at an entertaining new book “Diversity Lane,” by Zack Rawsthorne

Buy the book “Diversity Lane: A Liberal Family Saga,” by Zack Rawsthorne.

Zack Rawsthorne’s main Web page, DiversityLane.com.

View a collection of Zack Rawsthorne’s cartoons and thoughts at his blog.

Read a recent interview of Zack Rawsthorne by Frontpage Magazine from January 28, 2011.

Read an American Thinker article from January 22, 2011 about Zack Rawsthorne:  “Laughter as the Cure for Liberalism.”

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Press release about the new book:

Please contact Joe Hatton at 571.241.6621 or joehattonpr@yahoo.com for interviews with Zack Rawsthorne.

Liberal” and “unfunny” are perhaps the two best words to describe most political cartoons.  But a rare conservative series is helping to change this.

Diversity Lane is a political cartoon series that follows the exploits of a hyper-liberal family and their eight-year-old conservative daughter.  Since 2008, Diversity Lane has been the only conservative cartoon series that continually and convincingly skewers the PC left.  It has been praised by Brent Bozell and Laura Ingraham and has been featured on such sites as Politico, FrontPage Magazine,  American Thinker and World Net Daily. It is currently available on the web and at various conservative websites, where it has a growing cult following.

Diversity Lane creator Zack Rawsthorne is an award-wining artist who would be pleased to appear on your show to discuss the following:

  • The need for a conservative cartoon series to counteract liberal media bias
  • Why PC is best attacked through humor
  • The response to Diversity Lane
  • Do liberals have a sense of humor?
  • Where the ideas for Diversity Lane come from
  • Why most political cartoon strips are liberal
  • Which people/issues work best for satire

This month a large-scale compilation book of Diversity Lane cartoons has been released and Rawsthorne would be pleased to discuss the book as well. According to the author:

“My regularly re-stated chief goal is to get America laughing at the left.  I’d like to help people- through my cartoons- see the left for what it is: a twisted, anti-rational, often anti-human world-view … If enough people can come to comprehend the laughingstock essence of leftist thought we’ll go a long way to undermining it as the pervasive, destructive force that it is.”

Please see below for samples of Diversity Lane:
Diversity Lane, Zack Rawsthorne

Visit DiversityLane.com for more information.






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