Kansas City FairTax – Senator Jerry Moran just signed onto the FairTax Bill in the Senate S.13

Senator Jerry Moran just signed onto the FairTax Bill in the Senate S.13. This is now a lucky number and how lucky we are to have Jerry Moran representing us in United States Senate in Washington DC
Congratulations to Congressman Tim Huelskamp and Mike Pompeo for being co-sponsors of HR 25 FairTax Act of 2011. This was the will of their constituents and they responded. We are extremely proud of their decision to join 52 other Congressmen to start the national debate on real tax reform. We are very encouraged by their courageous actions.

Their vote confirms the new Congress stands for smaller government, personal freedom and recovery from decades of economic decay caused by politicians picking winners and losers via our Income Tax System. I watch on TV the Washington DC insiders talk about budget cuts and dire consequences. They can only think in one dimension in front of the cameras. We are blessed with congressional leaders that understand economic growth can only come from the free enterprise system.

We are now looking forward for the remainder of the Kansas delegation to sign on to the FairTax. Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins was a co-sponsor in the last 111th session of Congress and we hope she will also sign as a new co-sponsor. This would be especially timely and powerful because Lynn Jenkins is now on the full Ways and Means Committee.

Senator Pat Roberts has not commented on the FairTax.

Kevin Yoder is a freshman Congressman from the Kansas 3rd District. He shied away from the FairTax during the election. Those of us who are attending the KS Days Celebration in Topeka on Friday, January 28th will have a chance to find out more about where Kevin Yoder stands on this issue. We hope he will join the remainder of the Kansas delegation and make it 100% from Kansas in the U.S. House.

Thanks to our elected representatives from all of us across Kansas. Earl Long www.fairtaxkc.org

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