Olathe – City Unveils Interactive Map Viewer for Snow Routes

City Unveils Interactive Map Viewer for Snow Routes

The public can now track up-to-the-minute snow removal progress in Olathe at the touch of a button thanks to new mapping technology.

The interactive tool provides live location mapping of all vehicles engaged in snow removal activity. Vehicles are “pinged” once per minute, transmitting virtual real-time data to users via the GPS/ AVL map.

The dynamic mapping system can be searched, panned, and zoomed to better view a particular neighborhood or area of the city. The page opens to a composite summary of the current location of each vehicle. Users have the option to toggle between mapping layers that show where plow vehicles have been in the last 13 and/or 24 hours. This toggle feature is located on the top right of the screen, above the “ID” button. Users can also input a specific location on the top of the screen and select from a photo view, a map view or a composite view of the requested information.

The mapping tool provides benefits to the public and City staff. The public can track where plows have been, view progress made in snow removal efforts, and determine how that progress relates to a specific neighborhood or area of town. City staff can accurately respond to resident concerns and questions about snow removal progress and actively monitor and address streets that may have been inadvertently missed.

According to Mayor Michael Copeland, the interactive mapping system is another tool for residents to track how their tax dollars are spent. “The City Council believes we should do everything possible to ensure residents know how their money is being used. This is one more important tool to aid in that transparency and enhance our customer service efforts,” Copeland said.

The City welcomes public input as this new mapping technology is refined and improved.

To access the online mapping feature, visit the City’s website at www.OlatheKs.org and click the online mapping link at the top of the page

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