Tim Huelskamp Sworn in as Congressman from the Big First

Jim Pfaff (Huelskamp) (202) 225-2715
Sean Fitzpatrick (Jenkins) (202) 225-6601
Alissa McCurley (Yoder) (202) 225-2865
Josh Wells (Pompeo) (316) 262-8992
January 5, 2011
Kansas Lawmakers React to Congressman Tim Huleskamp (Agriculture, Budget, and Veterans Affairs), Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins (Ways and Means), Congressman Mike Pompeo (Energy and Commerce) and Congressman Kevin Yoder (Appropriations) Being Sworn in to the 112th Congress

Governor-Elect Brownback: “I look forward to working with our Kansas Congressional delegation to grow our state’s economy. They are good people with the right ideas. They will be a great team, working on our behalf – Kansas won’t miss a beat.”

Senator Pat Roberts: “Kansans have sent a powerful team to the House of Representatives to work on behalf of our state,” Roberts said. “Lynn Jenkins and our new members – Tim Huelskamp, Kevin Yoder and Mike Pompeo — have all received powerful committee assignments that will allow Kansas to influence key issues for the nation. This demonstrates the talent and proven leadership of our Representatives. I look forward to working with my House colleagues as we fight for policies that will create more jobs and put a stop to the burdensome federal regulations and mandates of the Obama Administration.

“Likewise, I was honored to stand with former Senator and now Governor-Elect Sam Brownback, and former Senator Elizabeth Dole as Senator Jerry Moran was sworn in to the U.S. Senate. Jerry and I have worked together for Kansas for many years and I look forward to our continued partnership.”

Senator Jerry Moran: “Kansans will continue to have their voices heard in Congress by the new and returning members of the Kansas delegation. Representative Jenkins, Pompeo, Yoder, and Huelskamp’s work on several key committees will help strengthen our economy, create jobs and continue building prosperity in Kansas. I am confident they will serve Kansans well and I look forward to working with them,” said Senator Jerry Moran.

Governor Parkinson:”Congratulations to our state’s Congressional representatives for their induction into the 112th Congress and for their prestigious appointments to significant committees in the U.S. House. I look forward to the important work they will be doing on behalf of Kansans and all Americans as they address many of our nation’s critical issues.”


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