Tim Huelskamp – My Promise for the New Year

For more than two years, I have made the case to Kansans in the Big First that we need to have someone in Washington who will stand up to the big government agenda that threatens our nation, our families, and our very way of life. Your support of me and my family propelled our shared, conservative vision of limited government, fiscal responsibility and protecting life and families. And now it’s time for us to stand up firmly in Congress for these values.
On Wednesday, we begin the hard work of turning these fundamental principles into reality. On that day – and because of your prayers and support – I will be sworn in as the newest Kansas congressman. Immediately thereafter, we’ll begin the battle to change the direction of our country from the trend toward massive and growing government back to one accountable to the people and limited by the Constitution.

We’ve come a long way from the early days of our campaign when few believed we could win – including some of my strongest supporters. Who would have thought that a farm kid from Fowler could actually be elected to the United States Congress? But we did win, because you understood as I do that America is great not because of our laws nor our elected officials – but because of the citizens, our faith, and our freedoms.

Soon, I begin working in the U.S. Congress taking with me all the concerns and hopes which inspired you to support me for these many months. I hope you will take some time to share in this special moment this Wednesday at Noon. Many of my family members will be there in person and you can also watch the ceremony on C-SPAN. We’ll post it on our YouTube page later as well.

I also invite you to keep track of my work in the House through the many tools available online which give you direct access to what we in Congress will be doing. Far too often, campaign rhetoric often becomes just that. But as a member of the huge freshman class of 2010, rest assured that I am committed to sticking to our conservative principles – despite opposition from the Left and even those in our own Party. America is at a crossroads – and it is our duty and responsibility to help rebuild and renew our nation.

I’ll be updating our Facebook page and other online media with news about what we are doing. Let your friend and family know they can follow me as well. And I’ll be sending you personal messages here so you can hear directly from me what’s really going on Capitol Hill.

Again, Angela and I thank you for all your support. Rest assured that when I take the solemn oath of office, I will do so with gratitude to you for entrusting me with the responsibility of steering our state and nation through this challenging period. And I promise that I will work tirelessly to ensure that my children and yours inherit what they deserve – the greatest country in all of human history.

Tim Huelskamp

Cong. Elect. Kansas’ First District

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