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The Joy of Giving

Have you ever been so excited about the time, effort, or thoughtfulness that was put into a particular gift that you were even more excited about giving the gift than the recipient was about receiving it? If you have experienced this, then you know the secret… there is JOY in giving! It truly is better to give than to receive.

December is the busiest season for charitable giving. Many people are evaluating their tax situation for the year, and looking for ways to decrease the amount they will have to pay. While giving to the Light House can decrease your taxable income and put money back in your pocket (you can go to our website to see how), for a Christian, charitable giving means so much more.

By giving to God’s work you are saying with your money, “I want to invest in what is eternal.” As Christians, we know that God has entrusted us to be good stewards of all that He has blessed us with. There is joy, growth, and worship in our giving.

Recently, a gentleman brought by bags of snacks and other Christmas treats for the girls in our maternity home. Another young man gave us $200 in cash to anonymously pass on to a client in need. Additionally, a husband and wife have blessed us by making it possible to purchase new dining room chairs and much needed new carpet for our maternity home.

In all these instances, one thing was apparent: they were joyful and excited about what they were doing!One man commented that his wife’s face was “glowing” as she shopped for the new carpet they would be donating. When our supporters give to the Light House, we are not just excited to see our needs being met so that this ministry can continue. We are also excited for you, because we know the joythat comes when we come alongside each other to accomplish God’s work!

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you who have supported the Light House in one way or another over the years. We would not be here without you! We also would like to provide some practical ways in which you can meet some of our financial needs as 2010 draws to a close, if you feel led to do so. You can find all that information along the left sidebar.

We pray you enjoy a happy New Year with your friends and family. Thank you for all you do!

The Board, Staff, and Clients at the Light House

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