Currie Myers – Seasons Greeting and Merry Christmas from the Shawnee Mission Times!

Seasons Greeting and Merry Christmas from the Shawnee Mission Times!
President George Washington’s Christmas’

“Christmas was primarily a religious holiday in 18th century Virginia, described as “the day set apart to remember the Nativity of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” It was also, however, a festive occasion marked by visits between friends and relatives, parties, and public assemblies. A great deal has been written about the Washington’s and Christmas. As evidenced by George Washington’s correspondence, his diaries and cash accounts, Christmas at Mount Vernon followed the typical Virginia pattern, which was far more simple than twentieth century Americans may feel comfortable with as it was a celebration of the birth of our Lord.

Religion played a part in the observance of the holiday at Mount Vernon, for the Washington’s attended church on Christmas day at the nearby Pohick Church in the morning, the family would then return to Mount Vernon for Christmas dinner. In 1771 and 1772, when December 25th fell on a Wednesday and Friday, respectively, President Washington would attend St. Paul’s Church in New York City.”

Source: Mount Vernon Presidential Archives
During this Christmas and Advent season the “The Shawnee Mission Times/Kansas Federalist E-Newsline” wishes you the best and we stand with President Washington for his wisdom and freedom.

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May the Peace of Christ be with you!


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