Sam Adams Alliance – Studies from 2010 election on citizen activism

SAM’s insightsLab has released the first in a series of reports examining grassroots activist energy for the 2010 midterm election.  In this study we aimed to measure the intensity of this energy at various times: before the general election, on Election Day, and following the election.  Please join us in considering several insights revealed by our research team:
Pre-election enthusiasm: 89.3 percent of Tea Party activists said they were actively introducing new people into the movement.

Election Day enthusiasm: Small-government activists were 31 percent more likely to participate in early voting during the 2010 midterm elections.

Post-election landscape: In regards to the election results, on a scale of 1 (completely unsatisfied) to 7 (completely satisfied), small-government activists had a weighted score of 5.2.

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