K-State – Distance Education Aids Military Spouse In Degree Completion (HONOLULU, HAWAII)

Source: Melinda Sinn, 785-532-5888, sinnpio@k-state.edu
Website: http://www.optionsplusmilitary.k-state.edu
News release prepared by: Abigail Crouse, 785-532-5888, acrouse@k-state.edu

MANHATTAN — After moving four times and attending four different universities, Brianne Hancock, Honolulu, Hawaii, found herself wondering how she would ever finish her bachelor’s degree.

Like many military spouses, Hancock found that staying in one place long enough to complete her degree had become a challenge. When her husband joined the Army, the couple left their Colorado home and moved to Texas, then Washington, and in June 2008, Kansas.

After arriving at Fort Riley, Hancock began taking on-campus classes at Kansas State University — her fifth university — as an anthropology major. But after two semesters in Manhattan, her husband was transferred to Hawaii. Hancock began evaluating her academic options and decided to finish her degree from K-State through distance education.

“I was able to plan my degree in such a way that I took classes in person while I was in state, and when I moved away my only class requirements left were available at through distance education,” Hancock said. “If I hadn’t been able to do this, I’m sure I would have had to add a sixth school to my list.”

While balancing relocation, work and a baby, Hancock completed her remaining 13 courses through K-State distance education and earned her social science degree in May 2010.

“Distance education was the most feasible option for me because it enabled me to schedule my schoolwork around my busy and ever-changing life,” she said.

In her previous career in the human resources field, Hancock reached a point where she was unable to get promoted — until now.

“With my degree and a certification I earned on the side in professional in human resources, I am able to continue moving up,” Hancock said. “I just started a new job and would not have been considered without these credentials. I feel a great sense of pride for having accomplished this, and I hope that others like me will continue to benefit from the distance options that K-State offers.”

To learn more about K-State distance education and options for military students and families, call 1-800-622-2578 or visit http://www.optionsplusmilitary.k-state.edu.

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