Club for Growth – Obama Hits Pat Toomey

Last week, President Barack Obama went to Pennsylvania to personally attack Pat Toomey and try to drive up Democratic turnout in this critical senate race.

Obama said Pat has a “rigid ideology.” Obama, whose unprecedented bailouts, handouts, and takeovers have led our economy to nearly 10 percent unemployment claims the policies Pat supports — free people and free markets — would make things worse.

We cannot let this stand.

With only five weeks to go to Election Day, our long marathon in Pennsylvania is turning into a sprint. Club for Growth Action is in the middle of this race, with hard-hitting ads running across the state. But we need to do more.

Please click here to help keep these hard-hitting ads on the air.

Liberal Joe Sestak, the Democrats, and their network of Left-wing interest groups will be running ads attacking Pat Toomey every day until November 2.

This is not just a challenge to Pat’s campaign – it’s a challenge to every pro-growth conservative in the country. That’s why I’m writing today.

We don’t ask other groups to fight our fights. We cannot sit back and hope that a wave election will lift Pat over the top. At Club for Growth Action, we fight our own battles, and we fight to win.

Joe Sestak is one of the most liberal Democrats running for the Senate in 2010. He has voted for everything these last few years: TARP, the auto bailout, the stimulus, cash-for-clunkers, cap and trade and Obamacare. He funnels earmarks to political cronies and trusts politicians and bureaucrats more than entrepreneurs and consumers to make economic decisions.

The entire liberal establishment is flying into Pennsylvania in an attempt to save Joe Sestak and destroy Pat Toomey, from President Obama to the labor unions to the far-left NetRoots who love Sestak’s extreme views.

This is not just Pat’s fight – it’s ours. Club for Growth Action has been on the air for weeks – we need to stay there. Without your help right now, our ads will have to come off the air later this week.

With Club for Growth Action, there are no contribution limits. Whatever you can afford to contribute, we can put right on the air in ads exposing Joe Sestak’s extremism, and hailing Pat Toomey’s pro-growth vision for our economy.

Click here to make your most generous contribution to Club for Growth Action right now.

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