At ESU Debate, Huelskamp Charts Conservative Course; Jilka Embraces Pelosi

At ESU Debate, Huelskamp Charts Conservative Course; Jilka Embraces Pelosi

September 27, 2010
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DODGE CITY – On Monday night, Senator Tim Huelskamp debated his Democrat opponent for Congress on the campus of Emporia State University. Huelskamp laid out a course for conservative solutions that include tort reform that would lower costs of health insurance, extension of the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 to end the economic uncertainty and jumpstart the American economy, and a reduction in federal spending by ending the bailouts, repealing the stimulus, and finding ways to cut the fat from our bloated budgets.
Huelskamp said: “It’s clear to the American people that we cannot tax, borrow, and spend our way to prosperity…jobs are created by entrepreneurs, not by politicians in Washington.”
Regarding the healthcare law passed this year, Huelskamp said: “Nancy Pelosi and Congress had their say when they passed the healthcare law without the input of the American people. On November 2nd, the American people will have their say.”
Jilka, meanwhile, whole-heartedly embraced the radical liberal agenda of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Congressional Democrats. In just the first 10 minutes of the debate, Jilka proclaimed his support for the failed Obama stimulus bill, announced his plans to raise taxes on millions of Americans, and broadcasted to the Big First district that he would have voted in favor of Obamacare.

Sen. Huelskamp and his Democrat opponent debated three times during the primary election and are scheduled to debate again in Salina on October 21st. The election is November 2nd.

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