Fair Tax KC – KS 3rd Candidate Mrs Moore Invitation

Mrs Moore,
You attacked your opponent as one who publically opposed the FairTax while secretly promising to our organization he would adopt it. This has now been corrected.

Included in your accusation were false and misleading statements about the FairTax which have been refuted by multiple and reliable sources.

We did not jump to the conclusion that you were actually knowledgeable about the FairTax so we invited you to our next meeting. A lifelong Democrat, Joanne Haen and myself, a registered Republican hand delivered a letter to your office on Monday Aug 23 and asked for the courtesy of a reply. Contact information including Email and phone number was included in the letter. We have not received a reply.

FairTaxKC is a non-partisan educational organization. Our volunteers include Reform Party, Libertarian, Republican, Independents and Democrats. The FairTax concept is based on sound economic studies from the top educational institutions in the United States. Over 80 economists have proposed to our national leaders that the FairTax represents a way to fund the government and promote exceptional economic growth. To suggest that the FairTax is an additional tax on working families and a windfall of revenues for only rich people is not credible.

We therefore intend to publish a series of short and informative educational messages regarding the merits of the FairTax. If you believe any of these messages are in error please respond accordingly.

Earl Long

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