Tiahrt campaign video – Gracia Burnham, A True Story

The job of a U.S. Senator involves much more than standing against tax increases and out-of-control federal spending. Your Senator is your voice in Washington, D.C. and the person you should count on to do everything in their power to help you and your family when nobody else will. Not only in their votes, but in their actions.

In 2001, Kansas residents Gracia and Martin Burnham were working as missionaries in the Philippines when they were kidnapped by Islamist terrorists. They were held in captivity for more than a year in deplorable conditions as their captors demanded $1 million for their release.

When Todd Tiahrt learned of the Burnham’s kidnapping, he knew that his constituents needed more than his support from Washington, D.C. – they needed action. He personally flew to the Philippines and worked with the government there to help secure their release.

Having seen firsthand the true face of terrorism, Todd Tiahrt will never waver in keeping America safe from those who would do her harm. Unfortunately, Congressman Moran’s record reveals quite the opposite. From voting to weaken the Patriot Act, to voting with Nancy Pelosi to extend Constitutional rights to terrorists, it is clear that Congressman Moran does not get it.

This ad is on the air throughout the state of Kansas, and we need your help to keep it on the air. For the next 12 hours, every donation made at www.ToddTiahrt.com will go directly towards our TV campaign. Your donation of $1,000, $500, $250 or even $100 could make the difference in this campaign!

Thank you for your support. We are down to the closing days of the campaign and with you in our corner, we are confident that we will celebrate victory on Election Day!

Chuck Knapp
Campaign Manager, Kansans for Tiahrt

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