Rasmussen – 37% of E-Mail users Would Stop Sending Them If It Cost Money

Just over half of Americans communicate via e-mail daily, but if they were charged even a small amount for each one sent, the number of e-mail users drops dramatically. A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Adults nationwide finds that 51% use e-mail every day, while another 15% utilize it almost every day. Another eight percent (8%) write e-mails at least once a week, and six percent (6%) do so several times a month. Eighteen percent (18%) never e-mail at all.

If charged a small amount for each e-mail sent, however, 37% of Americans who use e-mail would stop sending them all together. Fifty-one percent (51%) say a small fee would greatly reduce their use of e-mail. Only nine percent (9%) would continue to use it like they do now.
More men use e-mail daily than women, while adults in their 40s are more likely to write an e-mail every day than any other age group.

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