Todd Tiahrt – Moran Mythbuster #4: Moran Claims “Jerry is Kansas”

Another week and another myth surrounding Congressman Moran busted. This week we examine the myth that Congressman Moran “is Kansas.”

We set out with the Moran Mythbuster series to refute through careful analysis and meticulous documentation the numerous “myths” Congressman Moran has created to convince voters he is something he is not. Our first myth exposed Moran’s record of raising taxes and the second his hypocritical claim that he opposes earmarks; last week we busted the myth that Congressman Moran is a consistent conservative. This week we take on the DC-inpired slogan that “Jerry is Kansas.”

Four myths examined and four myths busted.

While in Kansas to support Todd’s Senate campaign, former Deputy Chief of Staff to President Bush, Karl Rove, told a first-hand account about Congressman Moran that clearly took the crowd aback. In Karl Rove’s own words:

“…we had a tough vote, and we had to meet with Jerry Moran and ask him for his vote. And he didn’t have a problem with Trade Promotion Authority. Oh, no. The president ought to have that authority. He wanted a fundraiser.

“In return for his vote he wanted the Secretary of Commerce to come into his district to raise him money.”
Kansans deserve better than someone who would sell their official vote for a political fundraiser. That kind of Washington behavior is not Kansas.

In our democracy, it is unacceptable for a Congressman to try to trade his vote for any reason; and it is even more reprehensible to attempt to trade an official action for political financial gain. Karl went on to describe Congressman Moran as a “what’s-in-it-for-me politician” and exposed his Washington-style ways.

The people of Kansas deserve a true leader – not someone who will delay doing what is right to see what they can get for their vote. This election is too important to our nation. We need a fighter in the U.S. Senate who is not afraid to stand on principle and is willing to do what is right without asking for personal favors.

Thank you for support. Stay tuned as our mythbuster series reveals more about Congressman Moran.

Kansans for Tiahrt

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