Tiahrt campaign – Video Shock: Karl Rove makes shocking allegation about Congressman Moran.

The past several weeks have brought several dismaying revelations about Congressman Moran and his questionable record. From raising your taxes, to manipulating his support of earmarks and embracing the Obama/Pelosi government, it is clear that the Congressman Moran we see on TV ads is not the real Congressman Moran.

Within the last few days, however, a story has come to light that is truly shocking:

While in Kansas to support my campaign, former Deputy Chief of Staff to President Bush, Karl Rove, told a first-hand account about Congressman Moran that clearly took the crowd aback. In Karl Rove’s own words:

“…we have a tough vote, and we have to meet with Jerry Moran and ask him for his vote. And he didn’t have a problem with Trade Promotion Authority. Oh, no. The president ought to have that authority. He wanted a fundraiser.

“In return for his vote he wanted the Secretary of Commerce to come into his district to raise him money.”

In our democracy, it is unacceptable for a Congressman to trade his vote for any reason; and it is even more reprehensible to attempt to trade an official action for political financial gain. Karl went on to describe Congressman Moran as a “what’s-in-it-for-me politician” and exposed his Washington-style ways.

I have been endorsed by the Tea Party Express and several of the Kansas Tea party groups because these grassroots organizations have had enough of business as usual in Washington. No longer can we sit by idly as the “what’s-in-it-for-me?” politicians continue to erode our democracy for their own self-serving reasons. You can learn more about about the groups supporting my campaign at www.ToddTiahrt.com.

Kansas deserves nothing but the highest level of conservative leadership in the U.S. Senate – that is why I am asking you to make your support clear with a donation to my campaign.

Television ads are expensive, but effective. All donations made today will go directly towards the cost of airing my campaign ads. You will know, when you see one of my ads on your television, that it was made possible only because of your support.

When we celebrate on Election Day, please know your support helped us accomplish a tremendous victory.

Join Us Today.

Todd Tiahrt

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