Leavenworth County Republican Party Update

Leavenworth County Republican Party

June 18, 2010

Election 2010

How can I help win in 2010?

We have two critical elections coming very soon. The first election is the Primary, which will be held on August 3rd. The second is the General Election, held on November 2nd.
As we discovered following the 2008 election – elections do have consequences. Many of us are not real happy with the “Hope & Change” we got as a result of the last election. We plan to do what it takes to take back our country and restore some resemblence of common sense to an out-of control government.

Paramount to the election is your vote. If you do not vote in the Primary Election, you are forfeiting your say in who the candidates will be that you vote for in the General Election. Your right to vote and to have your opinion expressed should not be something you take lightly and flither away due to other priorities. With the convenience of Advance Voting, no individual has a valid excuse to not vote. Don’t fall for the “my vote does not make a difference” excuse. We have all seen too many elections decided by just a very small margin. If you stay home and do not vote – the other team wins.

The Kansas Insurance Commissioner will be elected in the Primary Election, as no candidate from any other party has filed against the Republican contestants. The person elected to this position will control the 2nd highest source of revenue producing income in the State of Kansas (the insurance industry).

In today’s environment everyone is busy. Busy trying to make a living, busy trying to raise a family and a myriad of other things. Those people who choose the life of political service are busy too, and they need your help. For those individuals who are willing to stand up for principles and run for public office, we owe our support. This support can be provided in many different ways, all being critical to winning.

How do you fit in? Get to know what the the issues are. Find ways to personally meet candidates at town hall meetings, forums or any of a number of ways. Volunteer to help by walking your neighborhood, handing out literature, putting up yard signs, making phone calls, helping with mailing campaigns, volunteering to work at the local County Party Headquarters. There are endless ways you can become involved. If in doubt, just ask someone who you know who is actively engaged.

“November is Coming”, but we have to get through the Primary in August first.

Together we can make a difference. Your voice and your vote does matter.

John Bradford, Chairman
Leavenworth County Republican Party
(913) 683-0871

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