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WICHITA, Kan.-Todd Tiahrt’s U.S. Senate campaign today released the transcript from the Karl Rove rally in support of Tiahrt held in Wichita on Saturday, June 12. Rove, a Fox News contributor and former Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush, gave a first-hand account describing Congressman Jerry Moran’s willingness to put his own political aspirations above the interests of his state and constituents.

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Transcript excerpt from Wichita rally:
Karl Rove:

There was a vote December 2001 on Trade Promotion Authority – this is giving the president the ability to have, to negotiate, a trade deal to knock down the obstacles and export the American goods and services abroad and guarantee that the Congress will have to take up that trade deal and vote on it up or down. It’s important to Kansas, it’s important to this part of the state to sell more airplanes, manufactured right here. It means it’s important to Kansas because it means we have the stronger tools to negotiate agreements and we’d knock down the obstacles that would allow people around the world to buy Kansas wheat and Kansas beef and eat it in places like South Korea.
We’ve got an important vote, and the Democrats, which were willing to give trade promotion authority agreements, you know, to Clinton said: We’re not willing to give it to George W. Bush. And we have a tough vote, and we have to meet with Jerry Moran and ask him for his vote. And he didn’t have a problem with Trade Promotion Authority. Oh, no. The president ought to have that authority. He wanted a fundraiser.

In return for his vote he wanted the Secretary of Commerce to come into his district to raise him money. We said Congressman, ‘You didn’t even have an opponent in the last election. You have hundreds of thousands of dollars in your campaign account. You ran against a libertarian last November. You’ve got one of the deepest red districts in the country. We’ve got a lot of candidates up in 2002 that are going to be desperate to win and desperate to hang on. We only have a limited amount of time. Wouldn’t you rather have the Secretary of Commerce going and doing a fundraiser for someone who clearly needed the help? And he said: No, you are not going to get my vote unless I get that fundraiser from Don Evans.

Now, you know, at the end of the day we said, you know what – we are not willing to make that kind of quid pro quo. Do what you think is right. But I thought the [Moran campaign] statement today was a little, you know, a little interesting because it said: Rove is the Washington insider.

Look – it’s the Washington insider that says, ‘I’m not going to do what’s right for my state and for the people of my district unless you give me something for it – give me something.’ And it’s the Washington insider that then goes around and starts throwing around labels. Oh, if you didn’t go with Rove 100 percent of the time you get disciplined. Well, what the heck did I do to discipline the Honorable Congressman from the First District of Kansas when he stood up to the White House and said, ‘You ain’t getting my vote for what’s right for my state unless you give me something.’?

Not a darn thing is the answer because that’s not how the Bush White House worked. Now he may think it was easier, as he said, to deal with the Obama White House than it was with the Bush White House. And I can understand why he said that because maybe he gets something from the Obama White House like he wouldn’t get from us.


Saturday, Kansas City Star reporter Steve Kraske reported on the Moran scandal stemming from the Trade Promotion Authority vote in 2001:

In the interview, Rove was particularly harsh on Moran for how the congressman approached a 2001 bill on trade promotion authority that Rove said was aimed at knocking down trade barriers and would have helped Moran’s rural western Kansas district.

Rove said Moran tried to cut a deal on the bill, offering to back it, but only if the president or Commerce Secretary Don Evans agreed to come to Kansas to help Moran raise campaign money.

Rove said the idea was ridiculous because Moran already had a big cash-on-hand total and likely wouldn’t face a serious opponent. Moran was from one of the safest Republican districts in the nation.

It was, `What’s in it for me?’” Rove said of Moran. He said Moran told him, “You’ve got to give the president to me in a safe Republican district or the secretary of commerce to me in a safe Republican district to do a fundraiser.”

To read the complete post by Kraske, click here.


Editor’s note: After threatening to vote against the trade bill unless he received a fundraising event with the president or the Commerce Secretary, Congressman Moran eventually joined the rest of the Kansas congressional delegation who voted for the ‘Bipartisan Trade Promotion Authority Act’ (H.R. 3005) – Roll Call 481 on December 6, 2001.


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